This game is about surviving and escaping horrible conversations with boring people. If you are quick and keep talking about things they like, you may survive the awkwardness. If you are not so lucky, maybe you've learned something for the next battle.

How to play

  1. Survive
  2. Use mouse and keyboard
  3. You can pause with 'Escape', 'P' or 'Pause'
  4. You can toggle mute with 'M' (if you find it hard to survive otherwise)

Mini-game instructions

In each mini-game you have three outcome types: Silent Response, Say something they like, Say something they don't like. As long as you keep talking about things they like, you are not failing at the conversation.

Tip: You can click on their icon or name in the dialogue scene if you need a reminder about their preferences.


Use WASD or arrows to fly the mouth and collide with ball.

  • Up / Down gives thrust forwards backwards (right / left according to initial orientation)
  • Left / Right gives rotational thrust.


Use mouse to click on balls you don't want to say before they leave your body.


A/D or Left/Right to block balls you don't want to speak from hitting your mouths.

Since the Ludum deadline we've made the following patches, if you feel these are not in line with the rules, check out the downloadable where we keep original version too

  1. Fixed random crash on some text generation due to 2 corrupted lines in a textgeneration file
  2. Because there were memory errors, moved the text generation so it is only loaded once when the game starts.
  3. Fixed bug causing 'weather' to show up as 'sports' in two scenes.

Ludum Dare page:

If you are having memory issues, consider our downloadable version


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The woman told me she was conservative about porta potties. 5 stars.